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The Band

We are 417...what does it mean?...why does it matter if its good and we're havin' fun..right?

Lead Singer Rob Byers
Backup Singer Colby
Drummer Joey Pasierbowicz
Basist Brett
Lead Guitarist Asher Daugherty

We will also mention Zane,our manager/rhodie,and the girls!
(Katie,Kate,and Darby). We're all about good times.

Where we're at

We all live in a town called Katy..its on the outside of Houston. Dont try to find it..its not on your map.One more shoutout to Mike for introducing me to the world of music!

Where to find us

We currently update our file on the UBL so you can see and hear our latest. . We are also working on an official website so it will be out soon.

Go to:

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