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psychadelic ACHTUNG! FLAMES!

ooooo,aahhh,flamesfunkadelicooooo,aahhh,lavalamp" wow,it's glowing! VORSCHIST! Flames! Flamadelic

Welcome To My Site!

Hi, i'm Tony. If you have come to join Tony's Linx click on Tony's Linx on the sidebar, if you do not have a frames capable browser go to the bottom of the screen to access all my Tony's Linx and to access all my other pages. The links lead to my collection of pictures of my favorite cars,jokes,my football and personal page .Each page contains a different song (besides the South Park page)right now you should be listening to Inside Out by Eve 6. If you have any comments or suggestions, send me mail and please sign my guest book.
Welcome To My Site!

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