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your in my house now

July 21- YEAH! the new madlib is working, I made it at 4 am so tell me if it's funny.-The New Madlibs.

July 20- Construction on the car page is complete but it's pushed the "About Tony" page back to July 24 or 25, when I figure out why my new madlib keeps having Javascript errors I will release it to the public.

July 18- HEY WEBMASTERS! Tony's Place officially establishes Kewl Net. Join Kewl Net the most effective link exchange program at

July 17- Tony's Place reaches 3000 hits!

July 14- A new madlib should be up by July 20, the car page is under construction , only a few links work there. The "About Tony" page is not working that should be up on the 23rd.

June 21- Tony's Place reaches 2500 hits!

June 10- Oosemon cartoons re-started, I'm bored here in New York so i'll go ahead and finish what i started. Oosemon Cartoons will premier in late July.

May 29- My story (Soldier from the Skye) is put on hold until I get back from Syracuse, New York


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